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Winter DIY Projects

We’re about a month into the new year, and I’m sure many of you want a fresh look at your home. Here are a few winter DIY ideas... Read more »

Winter Prep For Your Business

Winter Season is upon us! Snow will be coming, and if this winter is anything like the past few years, we may be getting quite a bit of it in New Jersey. Read more »

Tips for Getting Your Home Fall and Winter-Ready

It’s the time of year for pumpkin spice and everything nice about fall! And now is the perfect time to prepare your home for the fall and winter seasons. Read more »

Designing an Elegant Driveway

Let’s be honest: a driveway isn’t necessarily the first thing you think of when picturing your dream home. But, it is often one of the very first things you see when you pull up to a house. Read more »

Four Things to Consider When Getting Ready to Build a Pool

When summer rolls around, those hot days become nearly unbearable; and if you don’t have a pool, you wish you had one. Read more »

Finishing Touches Part 1 – Edging Pavers

In any design, the little details are the most important. They show the thought and sophistication put into an idea. When planning your outdoor landscaping, it’s the little details that make the biggest difference. Read more »

Finishing Touches Part 2: Wall Cap and Coping

We’re back for round two on how to put the finishing touches on your outdoor living space to make it the oasis of your dreams. Read more »

How to plan your new Landscape design

Landscape installation and planting services are our specialty here at Moss Landscaping, Inc. We have been providing exceptional landscaping services throughout New Jersey for over two decades with great success. Read more »

5 Tips to Get Your Outdoor Living Space Ready for Spring

Spring has sprung, and it's time to get your outdoor living space ready for activity. Here are five tips to help you have the most inviting outdoor space. Read more »

5 ways to heat up your backyard so you can enjoy it during the winter

Baby, it IS cold outside. We are approaching the peak of winter, and with last week's brutal storm over, we're hoping we won't have a repeat of what happened last year with that deep freeze. Afterall, Jersey is not too far away from the Great White North. Let's go over 5 ways you can heat your backyard so you can enjoy the winter and your outdoor living space without turning to ice. Read more »

DIY Adventures: How do you install patio pavers?

You've had the idea kicking around in your hand for quite a while and you'd love to have your own paved patio but you don't want to hire a contractor and deal with them. You'd rather DIY, even if that means it taking quite a bit longer. Before you start on your DIY adventure, you need to learn the Do's and Dont's! Read more »

DIY Adventures: How to Enclose a Patio

A patio is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, but two factors may prevent you from enjoying your patio as much as you'd like to. These are inclement weather and insects and pests. Imagine if you could be out on the patio during a rainstorm? Or when the bugs are particularly bad? Read more »

5 Reasons Why You'll Be Glad You Got a Fire Pit

It doesn't get any better than gathering around a fire with your loved ones to enjoy a wicked delicious home-cooked meal on the grill! Read more »

Do's and Don'ts When Building Your Own Patio

Making your own paved patio is a serious undertaking. When you look at the big picture it seems pretty simple and straight forward! We're going to lay some bricks on the ground! How hard can it be? While you certainly can make the project as simple as laying bricks on the ground, but that will result in a patio that does not last very long, and is unsafe, as there will be many gaps in the pavers where people can trip. Read more »

How to Install Hardscape Lighting (On a Retaining Wall)

You paid a lot of money for your retaining wall and hardscapes! So, it just makes sense to set up lighting so you can enjoy your investment 24 hours a day, especially considering how magical it can look at night with the right lighting. Let's show you how you'd go about installing lighting on a retaining wall. Read more »

How to lay pavers in 4 simple steps

Hardscape paver installations add beauty, style, and function to any outdoor space while boosting curb appeal and property value. The first step to installing them involves sizing up the site, measuring it, and calculating how many pavers you will need. Determine the total area of your project in square feet, then determine how many pavers will be needed to fill that area. Always purchase... Read more »

5 Ways to Stay Cool in a Heatwave Using Landscaping

All across the US, save for a few states, temperatures soared, reaching highs that haven't been seen for over a century, with hundreds of Americans perishing in the heat.
Thankfully, for the Independence Day weekend temperatures are getting back to their normal range.
But, after a year and half with lockdown restrictions few Americans want to spend their 4th of July weekend indoors. They are not letting a heatwave stop them, and rightly so!
This brings up an important question: what can people do to their properties to still enjoy the outdoors and create a retreat from the heat?
Let's talk about landscaping. Read more »

Creating an outdoor living space for all four seasons

Did you know that 90% of our time is spent indoors? And did you know that simply 'spending time outdoors' is, one of America's favorite things to do? We all love the clean fresh air, the open space, and the feeling of the wind on our skin, and the smell of the flowers blooming. Read more »

Wicked Ideas for Adding Curb Appeal that You Cannot Miss

We all know that a first impression is hard to change! Various studies suggest that the first impression is developed within the first 10 seconds. And the same is true of the curb appeal of your house. We’ve got some tips below that will help you add curb appeal to your house and create a great first impression... Read more »

5 DIY Tips to Upgrading Your Home for a Staycation

This pandemic has arrived with such repercussions that none could have imagined! But everything has a bright side to it. We can spend quality time at home with the family and kids and multi-task to get things on our To-Do List done! Read more »
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