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How to Plan your New Landscape Design

Landscape installation and planting services are our specialty here at Moss Landscaping, Inc. We have been providing exceptional landscaping services throughout New Jersey for over two decades with great success.

The most important aspect for us is making sure each install reflects the client’s unique taste.

Here are three questions to ask yourself as you plan your new landscape.

What type of Pavers do I want for my Patio?

When it comes to pavers, there is a wide selection. Many different companies manufacture these products, and you can choose from materials such as:

  • Interlocking Concrete Pavers - These are the most popular materials on the market today, and with good reason. Concrete paving is not only resilient and easy to maintain, but also cost-effective as well. You can choose from paver units of different sizes, shapes, colors, textures, and designs.

  • Brick Paving - Many people like the idea of having a classic-style patio, and brick pavers are an excellent choice for these spaces. These products are available in the standard rust-red color as well as other colors and hues.

  • Natural Stone Pavers - If you want a very unique and distinctive residential patio, you should consider using natural stone paving. There are different types of stones to choose from including travertine, granite, slate, sandstone, bluestone, and more.

What kind of plants would l want?

The addition of plants makes every landscape come alive. Without them, landscapes can look empty and boring. However, there is a lot more involved in planting than simply throwing in a few plants here and there. It is not only important to select the right plants, but also determining the right placement to ensure the plants will thrive and grow healthily in that area.

Not sure what you want? Some things to consider when thinking about what to plant:

  • Low maintenance plants for minimal upkeep
  • Exotic vegetation and look
  • Lush and green year round
  • Plants that change with the seasons

Do I need a Retaining Wall?

If you have sloped or steep plots of land and want to be able to make use of it or just improve the look of your landscape, then perhaps a retaining wall is the answer? A retaining wall can make all the difference to your landscape setting. It will enable you to build garden beds where you may not have been able to plant anything before. A retaining wall will enhance the aesthetics of your property, and turn once unusable land into great features!

For more design help on your perfect outdoor living space, give us a give us a call today at (908)-725-7536 or visit our website if you'd like some help!
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