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Tips for Getting Your Home Fall and Winter-Ready

It’s the time of year for pumpkin spice and everything nice about fall! And now is the perfect time to prepare your home for the fall and winter seasons.

Test winter equipment

I know snow and ice still seem far away but check to ensure all your supplies are working before everyone makes a mad dash to the store for the same supplies.

Future you will be very grateful you did!

Clean or replace your gutters

This one can be tedious, but think about it. All that water running through them, plus the build-up of leaves and other debris, can make for a big ol’ mess. Taking care of it now, before the rainy and snow season, will be a game changer and can help prevent leaks and other water damage.

Fix any cracks in your driveway

This seems like something that can wait, but it shouldn’t; what might be a little crack now can be a big problem come the new year. Water can seep into these crevices, and come winter freezes, that water-turned ice will expand and sometimes completely ruin a driveway or walkway. That could cost you a lot more than if you take care of it now before it's a big problem.

Fertilize your lawn

Roots are still active when the grass isn't growing, so applying fertilizer will prevent winter damage. Doing this will also help your lawn turn green faster in the spring, which once it gets nice out, is a lovely thing to look at and enjoy.

If any of this sounds lovely but you don't have the time to do it, call us at 908-725-7536, and we will be happy to ensure your home is ready for that cold weather.
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