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Spring Time Yard Refresh Ideas

Spring is here, and with that comes yard cleanup. Snow and rain always make your outdoor living space need some TLC.

Here are five tips on how to get your yard spring and summer ready.

  • One: Apply new mulch to garden beds and pick up mulch that was scattered by snow.
    Mulch does a few things: First, it allows for a fresh, clean look in your yard without spending lots of money. Mulch also helps protect the soil from erosion, reduces competition by suppressing weeds, helps to conserve and extend available water, moderates temperature extremes, and acts as a barrier or visible marker of gardening beds to limit the damage by landscape maintenance equipment.

  • Two: Remove dead leaves and branches from your yard and gardens.
    Besides being messy, these can turn into fire hazards during the hotter months. To keep your and your neighbor’s yards safe and have a fresh look, be sure to clean up your dead leaves and branches.

  • Three: Reseed or lay down sod in parts of your lawn where the grass was killed by snow.
    This one is a no-brainer. Everyone wants a lush green lawn, which will help keep your lawn cohesive and stunning.

  • Four: Dig out and dispose of dead annuals.
    Annuals refer to plants that only bloom annually. Flowering annuals live for a single growing season and are generally too tender to grow in winter, which is why they need to be dug up and replaced to make room for new ones. This gives you new opportunities to experiment with color and texture in your garden beds, hanging baskets, and planters every year. Some popular flowering annuals include marigolds, zinnia, begonia flowers, and petunias.

  • Five: Have us do all this for you!
    Many of us don’t have the know-how or the time to clean up our yards. By letting our team of professionals do the spring clean-up for you, you can rest assured that your outdoor living space will look good and be healthy too. So don’t wait to visit our website or call 908-725-7536 today.
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