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Garden Center & Landscape Products

Garden Center/Nursery Location:
1024 US HWY 202
Somerville NJ
(corner of Robbins Rd)

Landscape Products, Branchburg, NJ The key to a luscious garden is the right choice and placement of landscape products. At Moss Landscaping, Inc we have a garden center with a full range of plantings and landscape products and supplies. Using the right supplies will help you maintain a healthy garden and lawn, and a very appealing outdoor space. From plants to shrubs and trees, to the most colorful of flowers, using the right types of plant species for your gardens will undoubtedly be your secret towards having a beautiful landscape.

We have a team of professional horticulturists that will be able to help you in the selection of plantings that will thrive on your property. Our experts will take your location and climate into consideration when choosing the right plants from our garden center. We can show our clients which plants we recommend, making this a really handy feature of our business!

Landscape Products

Whether your landscape is small or large, the products you use can greatly affect its overall appeal. Let Moss Landscaping, Inc enhance the look of your residential or commercial property throughout New Jersey with the perfect landscape products and plantings. If you want the best out of your landscape, consider these important landscaping products:

  • Trees and Shrubs: A canopy of trees always completes the look of any landscape setting. Trees usually shelter smaller plants from storms and wind. Plus, the shade trees can provide you with a nice shady spot to sit and enjoy the garden. We also have a range of shrubs to choose from that are ideal for the local climate and conditions.

  • Flowers and Plants: Colorful and vibrant plants and flowers always add a nice touch to any landscape. We have a large range of flowers and plants that we can suggest for your property. Our team of planting experts will provide you with a range of plantings that will thrive and require very little maintenance!

  • Mulches and Soils. Good quality mulches and soils are also stocked in our garden center. Moss Landscaping, Inc can supply you with the ideal mulch and soil type for your particular site. We understand the importance of good quality soil and mulch for your gardens.

  • Pavers and Retaining Walls: we also stock a range of hardscaping materials including pavers and retaining wall products. At Moss Landscaping, Inc we use only the highest quality paving stones and retaining wall blocks to give you the best results possible.

    Moss Landscaping, Inc has access to many more landscape products and materials. We always use the best and provide you with a range of options when choosing landscape products for your next landscaping project.

Purchasing Landscaping Supplies

For your landscaping needs, Moss Landscaping, Inc is your best choice. We have a complete line of landscaping products to help you with all your landscaping installations from plantings to hardscape projects. We take care of the plants like a passionate home gardener and pass them on to you in great form. If you live in New Jersey, then Moss Landscaping, Inc is the garden center for you. For all of your planting and landscaping supplies come and visit us and we will provide you with all the assistance you may require!

Call us to learn more: 908-725-7536, or send us a message.

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