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5 DIY Tips to Upgrading Your Home for a Staycation

This pandemic has arrived with such repercussions that none could have imagined! But everything has a bright side to it. We can spend quality time at home with the family and kids and multi-task to get things on our To-Do List done!

How else can we make the best of this situation? Depending on your State, you may or may not still be under lock-down, which means vacations are a no-go, so then the solution is: the staycation.

Upgrading your home so that it can be your permanent staycation location should satisfy that urge that you can’t spend your summer at a beach resort this year.

Additionally, there is a long-term investment as it increases your property value, saves money you spend on club and resort memberships and enables you to spend quality time with your family.

Designing Your Ultimate Stay-At-Home Retreat

Let’s talk about some upgrades you can make to your property to get it staycation ready. Here are some makeover tips that demand a minimal budget, but before you start, keep these things in mind:

  • Make a list of all the tasks accordingly for your desired makeover.
  • Set easy, attainable goals.
  • Do not get into anything which is difficult and unattainable.
  • Don’t spend a lot of time. Try to get it done within a week or two.

Home Renovation Ideas

Here are some renovation ideas for your ultimate staycation:

Less 2D and more 3D landscape

Flat is boring in the world of landscaping and the last thing you want is boring! A newer, fresher look can be achieved by using retaining walls, they add dimension and interest to otherwise boring lawns. Just this one simple addition gets your home one step closer to being a castle.

Fresh greens & colorful flowers

Gardens just uplift the appeal and value of your house! Therefore, Moss Landscaping, Inc can help you give your gardens a newer look with a wide assortment of organic plant products. Whether shrubs, trees, or a range of colorful flowers, our team of horticulture experts have the best advice and most suitable ideas for you!

The New Outdoor Kitchen

Trying to think of ideas to utilize that extra space in your backyard and turn it into something exciting and fun? Well, that’s where outdoor kitchens come in! Whether the space is big or small, there is some sort of outdoor kitchen solution you can implement, and still get all the enjoyment attendant to cooking in the freedom of the outdoors. The kitchen is everyone’s favorite room, so why not bring it outside!

Something Fun for the Kids!

An essential aspect of the staycation is having a feature for the kids. Whether that is a pool & slide, a playground, a garden, or a shade area (as with a Pergola), a sand box, etc. As you already know, little ones (and grown ones too) get bored easily so don’t just settle for having a plain green lawn. If you don’t have enough space for a pool, another water feature you can add which children LOVE is a pond with koi fish they can feed.

Fire Features

If you have a pergola for shade, and you have a water feature to cool you down, then, what about when it is chilly at night, or chilly in the winter and you want something to keep you warm? The answer is: fire pit! They are very affordable and when done right, they can be THE centerpiece for your backyard, tying the whole thing together with a glorious mesmerizing golden flame.
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