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Wicked Ideas for Adding Curb Appeal that You Cannot Miss

We all know that a first impression is hard to change! Various studies suggest that the first impression is developed within the first 10 seconds. And the same is true of the curb appeal of your house. We’ve got some tips below that will help you add curb appeal to your house and create a great first impression:

Instant and Inexpensive DIY Ideas:

  • Door knobs and handles, grills and railings, and other metallic materials are prone to wear out due to direct sunlight! Give them a face-lift by using spray paint.

  • Having two planters, one on each side of your door is key for curb appeal. If you don’t like the look of boring ceramic plant pots, again you can spray paint them with an unusual color, for instance metallic gray, or metallic gold or bronze. For a smaller porch, use hanging plants or vertical planters

  • The painting doesn’t end here, your exterior door is prone to wear from direct sunlight, so grab some paint and add a fresh coat, but this time don’t do what everyone else is doing. Make your door an accent color. Think of red, green, blue. Don’t let your door be a bore.

  • Buy new & fresh doormats. You can get these for under $50

  • Do you have overgrown shrubs? If left for a long time can make your house look haunted! Grab a pair of garden sheers and give them a good trim.

  • You need curb appeal during the day AND the night. To make your landscape stand out and create an amazing impression when it is dark out, add some magic with Edison bulbs.


A house without landscaping is like a pizza without cheese! You can add a tiny bit of greenery here and there and voila! It just elevates the look and value of your house. Be ready to receive your guest’s compliments!

When planning your landscape design you need to take into consideration the selection of the right plants based on the seasons, and keeping in mind how they bloom and look during each season, so that you have color and fullness all year round. You should know that the experts at Moss Landscaping carry out detailed research based on the area, size, budget, and climate and propose a strategic landscape design plan, all based around what you (the customer) wants.


There are a lot of choices when it comes to hardscaping: patio, walkway, driveway, and others.

Investing in a walkway is a sure shot win in adding curb appeal. It adds interest and class to your property. When choosing what type of material to use, you have three basic choices:

  • Natural Stone Pavers: these are the most popular ones in this category as they emanate a natural look. These are also the most expensive.

  • Brick Pavers: Using brick gives your property an ‘old world’ feel, which may be suitable for some but not for others.

  • Interlocking Concrete Pavers: These are the most inexpensive pavers on the list. But don’t let the fact that they are plain concrete turn you off. You can get them in a variety of colors.

You can check out further details in the following catalog »
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